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Fake IDs

Welcome to, a guide to everything you ever wanted to know about fake ids and why you should avoid them. Check out our articles that discuss the illegality of fake ids, the potential consequences of using fake ids, and the dangers in creating and/or possessing fake ids.

Fake IDs Are Dangerous

To start off with, you should know that creating, dealing in, and using fake ids is illegal. We will not help you with making, using, or buying a fake id. This site is intended to be educational and steer people away from fake identification. We would like to help people learn how to detect fake ids. You will not learn how to make fake identification documents here.

Fake IDs Have Consequences

We get thousands of visitors every month looking to buy or make fake IDs and we try to dissuade them from continuing this pursuit. Simply possessing a fake ID can have real consequences to you if you get caught. People often get fines, probation, jail time, or kicked out of school. You may have to do distance learning just to continue your education since traditional schools may not accept you.

Our Advice: Avoid Fake IDs. The moral of this site is to avoid fake ids. They will get you in trouble.

One of our most popular pages is How to Spot Fake IDs. Fake IDs can often be detected because of their poor construction and the nervous attitude of the people using them. When trying to determine if an ID is fake, some of the main things to look at are body features, id tampering, user anxiety, expiration and issuance dates, design, and simply questioning the user. We hope this site helps deter people from Fake IDs!