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Fake IDs

Get a Fake ID

Are you sure that you want to buy a fake ID? Check out the latest news stories about people getting caught with fake ids.

Perhaps you should learn about the potential consequences of owning a fake ID first. If you are caught with a fake ID, you could be sent to jail in many states. If you use a fake ID to buy alcohol, cigarettes, get into a club, or steal someone's identity, the consequences could be much worse.

Is it worth having a criminal record that will harm your chances at getting into that college you want to attend or prevent you from getting a job? Do you want to get kicked out of your school immediately for making, using, or selling a fake ID? It happens to some people.

You will NOT get a fake ID at, and we will not tell you how to get a fake id either. Here are some news articles about what actually happens when people get caught with Fake IDs. These stories aren't rumors; they are news that went in the public record for anyone to read.

Fake IDs Cause Real Problems
Purchasing alcohol in a New Brunswick liquor store could not have been easier for Johnny Tatsch this past summer, as the blonde haired, fair-skinned Rutgers senior presented an identification card that said he was a 27 year-old named Vasquez...

Caught with a Fake ID?
Fake IDs are a common problem on college campuses and FSU is no exception. Students are regularly kicked out of bars and liquor stores, reprimanded, and even arrested for possession, use, and provision of fake IDs...

Fake ID Fines See Increase
Students might think it's funny to slip a fake ID past a store clerk when they're getting liquor for their buddies or themselves, but the courts aren't laughing...

UA tight end caught with fake ID card
Touchdown leader arrested day before Territorial Cup. The leading touchdown receiver for the UA football team was arrested early Thanksgiving morning for trying to use a fake ID to get into a bar, according to Tucson Police Department reports...

Fake IDs can spell real trouble
Darin Gentry, an officer with the University of Florida Police Department, remembers an incident where he found two brothers in a dicey situation. The younger brother, who was underage, was trying to use his older brother's ID when Gentry carded him for an open container violation...